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The Star of Bethlehem

Here’s an interesting video about the “star” the Magi followed.  I had heard about this video last year, and usually when I come across things like this I think “Great, more ‘bible code’ nonsense.”   However, after watching it I think it’s plausible given the assumption that the Magi were 1) believers in the Jewish Scriptures, 2) looking for signs pointing toward the promised Messiah, and 3) saw something so out of the ordinary that it caused them to make the trek to Jerusalem and then to Bethlehem.

I’m more inclined to accept something like this instead of, for example, that the star was an angel or a completely supernatural glowing ball that guided them to Jesus’ house.  The reason is that the Magi seem to be looking for more information as they go (they ask Herod where the messiah was supposed to be born, they are told by Herod to go and search for the child, etc…) If they were following something else there would be no need for any of that.

Anyway, all that to say if this isn’t exactly right, it’s probably in the neighborhood.  At least that’s my opinion.   Here’s part 1 of the video:



People changing their views on abortion, and then considering the gospel.

I came across this video via http://4simpsons.wordpress.com

The interviewer moves from talking with people about the holocaust, then abortion, and ends up with most of the people considering the gospel.  Most of the interviewees end up changing their view on abortion on the spot (hence the name of the video, “180”)

This is also an excellent study in the power of carefully thought out questions.  What Greg Koukl over at Stand to Reason would call the “Colombo tactic” (after the seemingly inept detective from the show Colombo)

It’s 33 minutes long, but worth every one.

One word of warning, there are some graphic images.