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Tim Keller on Coming To Terms With The Wrath of God

jesus-in-gethsemane1Stand to Reason mentioned a sermon by Tim Keller where he describes how he came to terms with the wrath of God:

Because if there is no wrath by God on sin, and there is no such thing as Hell, not only does that actually make what happened to Jesus inexplicable—Jesus staggering the way He is, asking God, “Is there any other way,” [and] sweating blood means that He was wimpier than hundreds of His followers, if there was nothing like [God’s wrath]—but…the main thing is, if you don’t believe in the wrath and Hell, it trivializes what He’s done…. If you get rid of a God who has wrath and Hell, you’ve got a god who loves us in general, but that’s not as loving as the God of the Bible, the God of Jesus Christ, who loves us with a costly love.

Definitely worth a read, especially if you find the idea of hell difficult to swallow. I don’t particularly enjoy the idea myself, but I find it makes sense– in addition to the fact that what I enjoy has little bearing on the way reality really is.


Greg Koukl on Prayer – Does God Learn from them?

Greg Koukl over at Stand to Reason put up an interesting video on prayer.  Specifically, how does God keep all the millions of prayers sorted out all at once?  Greg argues that it’s in light of his omniscience.  Since God is all-knowing, He has always known both the content and timing of each prayer.  So He doesn’t learn them in a linear way (like we learn things.)

I think this is probably right.