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On Social Media and Approval

Social media is a largely context-less environment.  That is, people give life updates to others who have a marginal knowledge of what’s actually going on in their lives.  The danger in this is that we “like” or give approval to statements without understanding what prompted the statement to begin with.  Consequently we can unwittingly encourage our “friends” in behavior and beliefs that we otherwise would not if we were present in their lives.


Miracles and the Bible

To believe the Bible gives an accurate account of history is not to believe in impossible tales of talking snakes, dead men getting up and walking around, nor men standing in furnaces and not burning.  Instead it is to believe in certain agents that have control over matter who manipulate it at times for certain purposes.  Snakes do not talk, but they can be made to appear to.  Dead men to not walk, but in principle God could raise them to life again.  And of course, fire burns unless prevented from doing so.   The biblical accounts of the miraculous are the accounts of agents at work, not nature violating its own rules.

The Danger of Being a Perfectionist

I would rather make something effective rather than end up making nothing in the pursuit of perfection.  We are not blessed with a long enough life, enough resources, or enough energy to chase the phantasm of perfection.  Perfectionism is a dangerous vice precisely because it puts on virtuous clothes.  When the Master returns and the others are showing their ten talents that earned ten more, or their two that earned two, the perfectionist hands back the one.  “I wanted the one I earned to be perfect!” comes the excuse — when the reality is it would have been better had his one earned him a quarter of one more.