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The Diary of C.S. Lewis

I’m in the middle of reading All My Road Before Me : The Diary of  C.S. Lewis 1922-1927.  Unlike most of the books by Lewis, this one is a bit different in that 1) these are his diary entries from his student days and 2) it’s a kind of “proto”-Lewis.  It’s Lewis the atheist.  The Lewis that infused the gospel seamlessly into nearly everything he wrote is absent here, as he didn’t become a Christian until he was 30.  Here we find a brilliant young man, laying the academic foundation that he would later utilize to defend the Christian faith.

The daily routine of his comings and goings, money worries, housing situations, literary endeavors, and the like are a fascinating read.  That is, if you’re into this type of thing.  I’m drawn to well-written diaries and this is definitely one of them.

If you want to see a man who has grown over the course of his life, read the diaries and then top it off with The Letters of C.S. Lewis from his latter years.


Christopher Hitchens has passed.

The very first post on Twitter I came across this morning was about the passing of Christopher Hitchens.

Hitch was my favorite of the “new atheists” and I have discovered that I’m not alone.   Every Christian I know (who knew who he was) expressed sadness over his death, even though we disagreed with him on the most profound of issues.

There’s no evidence that he repented at the end. Indeed he went to great lengths while still in reasonably good health to state that if he uttered such words on his death bed that the chemo or cancer had gotten into his brain.   I hope he repented all the same.

Here’s the CNN article on his death.

Debate: William Lane Crais vs Christopher Hitchens – Does God Exist?

This video is long, but worth watching.  Christian philosopher and theologian (he has doctorates in both) William Lane Craig debates one of the “four horsemen” of the “new atheists”, Christopher Hitchens.

After watching the whole thing my opinion is that Craig is the more logical and Hitchens the more charismatic.  Craig lays out his logical arguments and Hitchens never really dismantles them, or even attempts to.   Logically speaking, I think Craig wins.  But if you’re more  swayed by quips and charisma, you’ll come away with the impression that Hitchens did.

I like Christopher Hitchens even though I think his worldview is wrong and utterly bankrupt.  On the other hand,  I’m not a fan at all of Richard Dawkins who comes across as an arrogant bully whose arguments contain little argument and lots of name calling.  (He also refuses to debate Craig, claiming that the only reason Craig wants to debate him is because he’s an egomaniac who’s hungry for fame.  Talk about projecting yourself on others.)

This kind of debate is perfect to put on and listen while you’re working.


Richard Morgan’s turn from Atheism to Christianity

I’m always interested in the stories of adult converts to Christianity.  Especially those who held to a materialist, Darwinist worldview.   The video below is the story of Richard Morgan who became a Christian in his 60’s and his experience in the Richard Dawkins message boards.

Morgan has been a Christian for 3 years (at the time of this video at least) and recounts here how he found Christ and how a forum full of atheists turned on him as a result.

An interesting part of the story (at least to me) is how the author of “The Dawkins Letters”,  David Robertson, visited the forum to defend his critique of Richard Dawkins work and kept doing so in spite of the verbal abuse. One of the indirect consequences of this was Morgan’s conversion.

(HT http://www.cosmicfingerprints.com)