The Incompetent Media Will Now Resume Shaping Your Opinion

Given the media’s thoroughly botched and incompetent coverage of the Boston manhunt, why should we give credence to the same media’s interpretation of their motives? Especially when  the bomber’s own words, and words of their family, explicitly state that Islam was the motivator?

The world is upside down when Islamic terrorists can fly planes into buildings and it results in it being taboo to speak ill of Islam. But when people want to follow the Constitution they’re labeled extremists.


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4 responses to “The Incompetent Media Will Now Resume Shaping Your Opinion”

  1. Invisible Mikey says :

    We don’t actually know anything about their motives. All we have is hearsay. Nobody’s opinion means much. It’s all guesses. So here’s one more:

    The kid could just as easily be lying to make himself important, because it would be psychologically devastating to face what complete bumbling losers these two were – no escape plan, no suicide plan, no document or tape taking credit, one runs over the other during a shootout, drawing police attention through an unrelated murder, robbery and carjacking, and confessing a crime explicitly to a hostage, who is then LET GO. They were the most inept Jihadists since the guy who had to blow off his own nuts for the plan to be implemented (underwear bomber).

    • Keith says :

      We have good reason to guess what their motives were given the situation, what we know about jihadists in general, what they used, and their background and their own words. Saying we don’t know “anything” about their motives is absurd.

      And “inept jihadists”? Tell that to the family of the 8 year boy who was killed or any of the MANY people with arms and legs now missing.

      How many people does one have to kill to be a “capable” Jihadist?

      • Invisible Mikey says :

        There’s a concrete difference in quality between documentary evidence such as sworn testimony or written journals, and what people “say”. All we have is hearsay evidence about their motives, which legally is as good as “nothing”. The FBI has actual evidence, but they are in control of it, we haven’t seen much. So we are guessing. Some guesses might be right, but they are still opinion, and like assholes, everybody has one.

        Your going ballistic over the word inept is pointless. They killed three people there and one elsewhere, and couldn’t get away or even kill themselves properly to avoid capture. The younger brother RAN OVER the older one, and his throat wound was self-inflicted. Compared to Fort Hood guy, the 9/11 hijackers, the USS Cole bombers, the marine barracks bombers, hell even the Japanese kamikazes in WW2, they weren’t very effective murderers or terrorizers. The people of Boston reacted with focus and eliminated the threat quickly.

      • Keith says :

        You’re right in that what we have now isn’t on the same level as what the FBI has. Though given statements from their families, and the two guys own websites and more, to just throw our hands up and say “there’s no way to know” is living in a fantasy world.

        It doesn’t matter how incompetently they ended up. The fact is they set off a bomb killing a handful and wounding hundreds in a public place. Again I ask, what’s the successful kill ration you think a person needs to be a “successful” murderer or terrorist?

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