Saturday Link Roundup for 4/6/13

How Environmentalism Harms the Poor [link] (HT: The Acton Institute PowerBlog)

A significant error of environmentalists is the assumption that the purpose of man on this earth is to keep it in the same condition that it was when man first appeared. Behind this theory is a subtle denial of the whole issue of the resurrection of the body. Man’s ultimate end is not this earth but God. The earth and its development by man are themselves the arena in which the drama of each person’s relation to God could be and is worked out. It is also true that this “working out” concerns one’s neighbor and man’s relation to fellow man.

Environmentalism is the secular perversion of the Christian idea of stewardship. This is ultimately a worldview conflict.


First World Problems (HT: Acton Institute PowerBlog)


A Harvard University student explains how evidence changed her mind about God  [link] (HT: Wintery Knight)

A good article on how an atheist became a Christian via apologetics at Harvard University.

I came to Harvard seeking Veritas. Instead, he found me.


Have a great weekend!



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