Saturday Link Roundup – 3/30/13

Tim Kimberly over at the Parchment and Pen Blog has written  a good piece on HOly Week entitled A GPS Easter (31.77849852, 35.22985115) (link) . You can follow the course of the week leading up to the crucifixion complete with the coordinates and map images of where the events actually occurred.


Here are some thoughts by Melinda Penner (link) over at Stand to Reason on The History Channel’s The Bible Miniseries.

And here’s her follow-up post on Week 2 of the series (link).


From the blog A Little Leaven:  Rod Parsley zip lines onto the stage (link).

Jesus performed many miracles to demonstrate he was the Christ. Several times, however, he refused to do so when the people began look for the miracles for the sake of something sensational.  Draw your own conclusions.


This just in: MSNBC is still obsessed with race (link) .


Have a great Easter Weekend, Everyone!



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