Personhood Theory (Or, you’d have to have a PhD to lose this much Common Sense)

If you want to propose that it’s not immoral to kill infants, then get yourself a PhD and have your article published.  It’s that easy! Killing babies no different from abortion, experts say – Telegraph

Seriously, the root of this nonsense is a little thing called Personhood Theory.  Which basically means that being human and being a person are two different things.  And in some cases are completely unrelated. Dolphins ‘should be recognised as non-human persons’ – Telegraph

So to recap: killing babies = okay.  Killing dolphins = not okay.

Oddly enough what’s going on here is that they are taking the abortion logic to its logical conclusion.  I agree that the birth of the baby is an arbitrary distinction for endowing the right to life to the child.  But whereas that ought to make someone question abortion, these “thinkers” go the other way entirely.

God help us.



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