Leftist Intolerance and Hate-mongering.

Regardless of your political/religious leanings, this is vile:


Or it should be, but leftists seem to see this type of personal attack as justified.  Ignore the intolerance and hatred, shutting up the other side is all that matters, I suppose.

Although this story is primarily political in nature (and my point here isn’t to endorse Santorum or anyone else) the reason Santorum is being attacked is because of his view on same-sex marriage.  If this is the pattern for how dissenting views on the subject  are treated (ignoring the fact that same sex marriage is the dissenting view)  welcome to public discourse in the 21st century.

The spirit of Nero and Diocletian are alive and well.  Only instead of lions and fire we have the internet.

Also, I may do all my searching through Bing now.


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2 responses to “Leftist Intolerance and Hate-mongering.”

  1. Drew says :

    Uhmm, yeah… That is vile. Try duckduckgo.com. Turns out that yahoo and bing show the same thing (just below the “news” results). I wonder if they would help him if he asked? duckduckgo.com has been dubbed a decent google alternative… and they don’t give you something disgusting when you search for Santorum either (for those who might like to know).

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