Christmas Eve 2011


As I write this my neighbor is cooking an entire pig on a prodigious grill, a 10-hour vigil that began around two this morning with the lighting of 12 bags worth of charcoal.

My wife on the other hand is sculpting a much smaller quantity of that stout creature (the pig, not my neighbor) into balls of sausage, breading, and cheese.  A family tradition that is sure to challenge the fit of our current wardrobe.

I have heard the usual share of complaints about the commercialism of Christmas, but frankly, I’m thankful not only for the birth of Christ at this time of year, but that there is any season at all where we are thrown out of our routine into a time of giving and celebration.  Even if someone of us are thrown too far, which is bound to happen whenever anything as large as whole year comes to a sudden stop.  The birth of Christ ushered in the redemption of mankind, and even the celebration of this event two thousand years later redeems us from the monotony of the mundane.

Merry Christmas everyone!


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Christian, Conservative, Husband, Father, Writer.

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