Occupy Boston Suggests Rape Victims at Event Not Notify Police

The Occupy movement seems to be a catch-all for anyone with a grievance.

This past week Dave Ramsey spent three hours taking calls from OWS supporters to find out what they were upset about.  (You can download all three hours of it here.) I don’t remember any two callers being upset over the same things.  With no specific demands, leadership, or course of action, this isn’t surprising.

Where I live there was a small attempt to occupy downtown which lasted two non-consecutive afternoons.  I spent a little time at their website and read a few blog posts by people who were attending.  One of the themes (or memes) that’s emerged in the last week is the anger over police “brutality.”

Except, in their eyes all police are brutal.

Does police brutality happen?  Of course.  Are the police more corrupt than not?  No.  I can say that because I live in America with my eyes open.

In an attempt to self-govern, Occupy Boston has sunk to the hellish depths of suggesting that rape victims not notify police.  Instead they should notify the “security committee” where the offender will be directed to resources that will help him stop this anti-social behavior.

The concept of justice seems to be lost somewhere just outside of Boston.





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