Lesbian couple gives son hormones to delay puberty

There’s a lesbian couple in California who have an 11-year-old son.  He says he wants to be (or is) a girl.  So they are giving him hormones to delay the onset of puberty to give him more time to make his decision as to which gender identity he wants.

They say Tommy – whom they now call Tammy — began taking GnRH inhibitors over the summer to give him more time to explore the female gender identity with which he associates.

Tommy began saying he was a girl when he was three years old, his parents said. He was learning sign language due to a speech impediment, and one of the first things he told his mothers was, “I am a girl.”

When I was 11, I wanted all kinds of things that were foolish.  And when I was three?  I’m pretty sure I was still discovering that the people on TV couldn’t hear me when I talked to them.  (I was trying to diffuse uncomfortable misunderstandings between characters.  Those episodes still make me stressed.)

Tommy will continue the treatment until he turns 14 or 15, at which point he will be taken off the blockers and pursue the gender he feels is the right one.

So, I have two questions:  1) If gender is naturally a result of environmental factors, and not intrinsic or based on biology, why would you need to suppress nature to make the choice?   2) If gender identity are merely affectations forced upon us by society, why not be content with merely acting like the other identity without trying to manipulate your physical body?

To physically attempt to alter your body to accommodate your preferred gender identity is to head down a continuum from one sex to another.  Any attempt to manipulate the body in this way can never achieve the goal.  There is a impenetrable wall, and that wall is the biological design.

No matter how many surgeries, no matter  how many hormones, Tommy can never truly be a “Tammy.”  For starters, he will never give birth, he will never menstruate, and he will never change Y chromosomes in to X chromosomes and vice-versa.  This should be a clue to the absurdity of the desire.

Just because we think or feel we are something does not mean we are that thing.  The fact that inhibiting hormones are needed to aid in this decision shows this couple knows it, too.


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