Welcome to Old Blue Truck

My grandfather had an old, 1958, Chevy Apache pickup.  He would drive it around hauling tillers and shovels to tend to the various gardens he had planted around the county.  He loved gardening.  I loved him.  And I loved that truck.

He used to tell me that one day it would be mine, but eventually he sold it (and regretted it) to a neighbor.  Years later he said that the guy that ended up with it restored it and painted it fire-engine red.  I always thought it was a shame it wasn’t blue anymore.

This blog is about Theology, Philosophy, Science, and Politics.  All the important things that make life worth living.  What does this have to do with that old blue truck?  Nothing directly per se.  Though one could argue that the truck itself existed because of all four of the above influences.  And perhaps I will argue that.

But I’ll save that for another time.  My name is Keith.  I am a Christian, husband, and father.  That’s all we need to get the ball rolling.  Welcome.


About Keith

Christian, Conservative, Husband, Father, Writer.

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